CAS Reg. No.57-55-6

Formula: C3H8O2

Our largest markets are Mexico, Latin America, and Canada

Product Description

Propylene Glycol Industrial Grade is a valuable ingredient to the manufacturing of Alkyd-resins for varnishes and paints. It is equally as important to the production of high performance, unsaturated polyester resins. PGI has a low-freezing point; it’s biodegradable and doesn’t erode metal making it ideal for deicing planes and/or antifreeze in the winter months.

Our Propylene Glycol Industrial Grade is produced in Korea by one of Korea’s largest petrochemical companies. It has been producing glycols for a long time.  Their headquarters is located in Seoul and it is produced in southern Korea near the shipping port of Busan.

They pride themselves in the quality of thePropylene Glycol Industrial Gradeir Propylene Glycol Industrial Grade. They believe they produce a high quality products that can be exported around the world. We’re proud to help them market their products in the Canada, Mexico, Europe, and South America.


  • Flexi tanks
  • Drums

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