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Since its founding in 2013, 4C Global Logistics LLC has focused on providing reliable product streams as well as seamless transition and distribution. Our customer-first philosophy has led to long-term strategic partnerships and significant growth in chemical and hops distribution worldwide. Our mission is to continue to improve your supply chain to save you time and money.

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Supply Chain

You can count on us to find the most innovative ways to supply consistently on time. Our transparent method allows both customers and suppliers to feel confident in the process. We manage multiple companies across the globe to provide you with a hands off experience.

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Global Sourcing

We’re focused on finding products worldwide. Our company navigates the chemical and agriculture industries for you. Our knowledge of local and foreign markets translates into a unique ability to meet our partners’ needs.

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We’re committed to finding solutions to the difficulties you are facing when trying to expand globally. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and non-stop attitude it takes to succeed in the global marketplace.

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Our knowledge of local and foreign markets translates into a unique ability to meet our partners’ needs. When it comes to supply chain management, we know where to find the building blocks of success.


We partner with one of the most reputable DINP, DOTP, and DOP producers in the world.

PVC Resins

Our PVC is extensively used in a variety of areas from construction materials to household commodities.


We have distribution throughout Mexico, the US, East and Southeast Asia. We ship product by air and sea to meet our customer’s needs.

Fiscally responsible

We employ a process that ensures the most competitive rates and terms available.

Why 4C Global Logistics LLC is Different

Our team sources, finances, and delivers the products that fit your international supply chain management needs.

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Our headquarters is in Minneapolis, Minnesota and an office in Seoul, South Korea.

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We have warehouses in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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Production and distribution channels flowing worldwide.

Meet our founder and CEO

Corey saw the pain companies felt when looking for quality suppliers globally and wanted to help. He decided to build something that would provide these companies with a cure.

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Corey Nelson
Founder, CEO

We’re here to answer all those annoying questions surrounding the ABCs of logistics. We’re going to untangle global logistics, third party logistics (3pl), and international supply chain management with honest, easy-to-understand explanations.

Why do companies choose to purchase through distributors?

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Does it matter which shipping line we use?

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Can I call a shipping line about our logistics?

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US Office

4C Global Logistics LLC
5115 Excelsior Blvd #353
Minneapolis, MN, US
Phone: 612.600.2282

Korea Office

4C Global Logistics Korea
Nonhyeun-dong Gangnam-gu
Seoul, South Korea  135-824
한국어: 82.70.8836.4747
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