CAS Reg No.  68515-48-0 & 28553-12-0 (Depending on the production method of DINP the alcohol chains can vary.)

DINP Formula: C26H42O4 (average)

European REACH certified, our largest markets are Mexico, Latin America, the US, and Canada

Product Description

DINP is a close relative to PVC plasticizer (plastificantes) DOP but has been confirmed by the European commission to be risk free towards both humans and the environment. Two of the more common uses for DINP are PVC films, fake leather, and electric wire coverings.

The main purpose of using a PVC plasticizers (plastificantes) like DINP is to add flexibility, softness, resiliency, and the ability to handle plastics much easier than without. We supply over 1,000 MT to Mexico annually and are continuing to expand.

Our DINP is produced in Korea by one of Korea’s largest petrochemical companies. It has been producing plasticizers for over 40 years.  Their headquarters is located in Seoul and it is produced in Ulsan near the shipping port of Busan.

They pride themselves in the quality of their DINP. They believe they produce a high quality products that can be exported around the world. We’re proud to help them market their products in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and South America.

With our customer service and strong understanding of global logistics we believe we a great source for DINP for manufactures in Mexico.


  • New and reconditioned drums
  • Flexi tanks
  • ISO tanks