Our largest markets are Mexico, Latin America, the US, and Canada

Product DescriptionDOP

DOP is the most common class of plasticizer and accounts for slightly over 50% of the market share of all plasticizers. The reason is its excellent properties and low cost are ideal for manufactures of PVC. DOP is used for producing artificial leather, PVC films, electrical wires, plastic products and paint.

Due to the dangerous properties of DOP, safe alternatives include DINP and DOTP.

Our DOP is produced in Korea by one of Korea’s largest petrochemical companies. It has been producing plasticizers for over 40 years.  Their headquarters is located in Seoul and it is produced in Ulsan near the shipping port of Busan.

They pride themselves in the quality of their DOP. They believe they produce a high quality products that can be exported around the world. We’re proud to help them market their products in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and South America.

  • New and reconditioned drums
  • Flexi tanks
  • ISO tanks