What does it mean when you say, “4C Global Logistics LLC is a supply chain management company”?

It means we search high and low to find you new products or new suppliers for ones you already use.


But I didn’t see some of the products my company needs on the products page. Does that mean you don’t have them?

Our products page features some of our bestsellers, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let us know the products you need, and we’ll get them for you.


Sounds good, but how do I know I can trust 4C Global Logistics LLC?

We work closely with our attorney to ensure everyone is protected. A reference check is available upon request if necessary.


Does 4C Global Logistics LLC offer 30-, 45- or 60-day credit?

We don’t offer credit at this time.


I want to start small. What is the smallest quantity 4C Global Logistics LLC can suupply?

Every product is different, but for chemicals we prefer at least a pallet’s worth. For agriculture products, it’s negotiable.


What is the lead time required for an order?

We don’t keep any products on hand, so generally we need 2 to 3 weeks before we can ship a product.


This all sounds good, but why should I hire 4C Global Logistics LLC instead of just doing everything myself?

You shouldn’t do it all by yourself for the same reasons you don’t give yourself haircuts. It would be an awkward waste of your time and talents (and probably look really awful, too).


Get us working with you, and leave all the headaches of international supply chain management to us. We’re there to make sure you can focus on what you already do well, producing and selling great products.